Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Crying Tree - final

It is the last image of a set of four. I am concerned that it doesn't work as well as it does when it is combined with the other images. Does it look like the tree is crying? :)


  1. just by it's self, it's not as obvious, but i think with the other three images, it completes the story well.

    are you familiar with the children's book, The Giving Tree? you can find a 1973 reading of it on youtube if you like.

  2. bon bon// Thanks for visiting and following. you are my first follower.

    Yes, I have read The Giving Tree. It's a very nice story isn't it?

    The story was a quick one. I just wanted to paint a single object in different ways. That's my excuse. LOL

    I've never been good at writing stories though.